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Why should founders consider having a lawyer as investor?
Why should founders consider having a lawyer as investor?

Lawyers really amaze me! As a simple law-abiding engineer turned investor, my worry in India are usually not the authorities, but really touching any sector/ business that may have an intersection with henchmen.

But when you work with senior folk at law firms for investment documentation or a willful breach of contract, they’re just the opposite. They can pain you to death on paperwork for crossing the Ts and dotting the Is for theoretically-impossible scenarios, but if you mention a possibility of rogue parties that may use untoward means or show of power, the lawyers are least bothered. What I’ve always heard is – ‘If it comes to that, you needn’t worry, we have more muscle’!

And I’m like (colloquially) – “Seriously, aapka baap kaun hai?!”

Anyway, the point is, having a Partner from a reputed law firm invest in your seed/ pre-seed round is a highly under-appreciated insurance/ leverage. I’ve seen it first-hand how big an advantage having effective, expert, lightning-fast and FREE legal advice can be on ‘black swan’ days for startups. So get that law-firm Partner on your cap table!

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