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Why Meesho is in our anti-portfolio

In today’s Livemint, Globevestor’s co-founder & Partner, PN Raju writes about a successful company that’s in our anti-portfolio – Meesho. Here’s the complete article on Livemint.

As Raju writes, we felt Meesho was ahead of its time and would take a few years to build traction, and they were also very early in their execution cycle. So we passed the deal. Sometimes as investors, we don’t see the strength of the underlying trends as well as the entrepreneurs, so it’s useful for us to hear out and learn from them. If you’re building a venture to take advantage of some strong underlying trends in a sector that not many people see, ping me!

Anyhow, just like any active early-stage investor, we’ve had our share of successes & failures, and misses. These misses, where one doesn’t invest in a company that becomes a huge success later, are part of life for an investor. They’re the ‘false negatives’ or type II errors.

Investors are constantly trying to reduce both their type I (false positives) and type II errors. We’re always on it too.

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