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What can one make of the early-stage funding implosion?
What can one make of the early-stage funding implosion?

There’s consensus now that seed to pre-Series A funding environment isn’t rebounding. In fact, 2017 has been worse than 2013/2012 globally, and trending back to 2014 levels for India.

There are no indicators that next 6 months will be drastically different. It doesn’t help that there’s too much noise in every sector, including AI, fintech, SaaS, etc. which leads to higher burden of proof for startups. Moreover, every investor is currently distracted by shiny new objects of blockchain & crypto, due to strong bull runs there.

So founders, continue to keep calm, be frugal, monetize earlier, & plan for the long haul.

See trends here: TechcrunchCrunchbaseInc 42.

Having said that, we at Globevestor think of this trend as an opportunity. We’ve deployed more capital and in more deals this year than 2016. And we aim to go bigger in 2018. So if you have a venture in post-launch stage, preferably with strong growth indicators, would love to hear from you.

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