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News: announces $0.5M fundraise
News: announces $0.5M fundraise (Actionable Science), one of our portfolio SaaS firms, announced a $0.5M fundraise yesterday.

We backed SaurabhManish & Udaya, stalwarts in the enterprise technology space, over 2.5 years ago at Globevestor when global SaaS out of India wasn’t a big theme. This team had that solid mix of domain expertise, sales experience & tech chops for us to instantly get excited about the problem they were attacking.

Since then they’ve put their heads down to focus & build a solid product for helping adoption of AI for enterprises. Rezolve helps “auto-resolve employee support” and is reimagining how employees get serviced. Good things take time (especially in enterprise SaaS) and we’re happy that this team now seems poised for explosive growth!

A real feel-good factor about their success is that a lot of their team is based in the picturesque foothills of Himalayas in Dehradun. One can truly build SaaS firms from every corner of India.

This also helps solidify our SaaS portfolio, which includes Sunsama (YC W19), Buy Me a Coffee (YC W19) and GenY Labs, a diverse variety of plays, all of whom keep delivering.

That’s SaaS(sy)!

Read the announcement here on Yourstory.

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