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Reverse Pitch for AI startups

In today’s Livemint, I wrote about some of the areas we’re looking to invest in at Globevestor. In this article, the focus is on ‘AI at workplace’ companies. You can read the article on Livemint here.

We believe that for businesses to thrive in the future, human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) will need to work in tandem. And that the next wave of ‘AI at workplace’ startups would help employees become better at their jobs. An excerpt:

Imagine an intelligent sales/customer support coach that is embedded in the existing sales/customer-relationship management tools and keeps learning the ongoing strategies that the best executives in the organization employ. It would be ever-present with the executives during their sales/customer interactions and nudge them with personalized, real-time, and continuously-evolving advice to improve success of the interaction. Imagine intelligent HR assistants that aid recruiters in writing job postings or help managers keep track of employee stress levels and take remedial action.

If you’re building something on these lines, give me a shout out.

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