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News: Doxper raises $4M as part of Series A led by Alkemi Venture Partners
News: Doxper raises $4M as part of Series A led by Alkemi Venture Partners

Today, a Globevestor portfolio company, Doxper, has announced its Series A round. Doxper aims to be one of the largest healthcare informatics company in India & SE Asia, and helps hospitals & doctors digitize prescriptions.

There’s no question that the current practice of writing prescriptions by hand on a paper, followed by doctors in India, is archaic and will be replaced in the future with more tech solutions. This practice is also the reason why digitizing prescriptions has been such a tough problem to solve till now. However, it also makes for a classic case study in change management. How do you make an industry move to a new-age solution, when the current habits are well-entrenched and honestly, are more efficient for the practitioners?

Doxper is the company that is leading the way in this transition. They’ve put together a solution of digital pen & paper that works for the doctors “today”, and is not just a promise for the future. With time, they’ll help doctors get more and more tech savvy. But the opportunity in digital health data cannot wait till then. I have high hopes from Doxper’s approach.

Read the news here on Yourstory.

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