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Isn’t LinkedIn very cluttered nowadays?
Isn’t LinkedIn very cluttered nowadays?

Linkedin is useful but extremely cluttered now, especially if you accept lot of connection requests (founders/ startup folk for me). Great posts used to surface easily earlier in the feed, but now it’s a chore to find even one good one.

Linkedin should have a setting where you don’t automatically follow every new connection, but can pick and choose who to follow. #FeatureRequest

Anyway, am taking the following steps to make my feed more useful:

  1. Unfollow everyone who’s posting “inspirational” posts and everyone who likes such posts.
  2. Unfollow everyone whose posts have hashtags in their own name and everyone who likes those posts.
  3. Unfollow everyone who is posting regular “advice”, but it’s just really a crib about others. And unfollow people who comment & just crib in return.

Hope it’s not counter-productive (FOMO)! Will appreciate any other advice on how to make Linkedin feed better for oneself.


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