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Idea/prototype stage founders: Sounding Board

Planning to spend time every Saturday with 2-3 startups at idea/prototype stage, starting this weekend. If you’re a founder ideating or very early in execution & need a small sounding board session, hit me up. DMs are open.

Friends/network: Kindly help reach right founders.

Why this, why now?

One of the most exciting times in an entrepreneur’s life is the germination stage, when you’ve just had an idea, or just launched an MVP, or just onboarded the first set of users. I’ve lived through it as a founder and that adrenaline rush is something else. But it’s the most unstructured stage and some unbiased feedback is useful.

As an investor, though, one tends to spend more time downstream when there’s more traction to startups and they’re close to fundraising. It’s a practical demand of time management and you tend to de-prioritize ventures that are “too early” for you.

But starting to feel an itch to get more connected to upstream founders, of late. So this.

Looking forward to connect.

Disclaimer: Won’t be an active funding discussion though (mostly!).

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