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Challenges for women entrepreneurs & Rebalance
Challenges for women entrepreneurs & Rebalance

There may not be consensus on this, but my experience is that women founders carry a relatively higher burden (esp. emotionally) & have a tougher journey compared to men. Every investor (incl. me) feels that we aren’t biased against them, yet it seems there are lesser women founders compared to the ratio in broader workforce. At most startup events, you see a smaller percentage of women than in a large firm’s cafeteria. Structurally, there’s little additional support available to them given their unique challenges.

That’s why I really liked Aishwarya & Vikas‘ mission at Rebalance. It’s a new accelerator aiming to improve diversity in tech in India, esp. supporting women founders by providing them network & mentoring. Their first cohort just graduated. And it’s a job well done with women founders tackling problems across the spectrum.

Having seen the journey of a trailblazer woman founder (Kanti) closely, I appreciate what the ecosystem lacks. And with two little girls at home, mentoring these women entrepreneurs was a way to help build a world for the next generation.

It’s early days for initiatives like Rebalance, but the start has been solid. Wish them the best for the future – their success is our success.

Do check out their first cohort here –

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