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Buckle up for revenge retail therapy!

There’s something therapeutic about a carefree walk in the aisles of a mall or a supermarket and (window) shopping. Despite all its convenience, e-commerce fulfills ones needs, but not as much the heart. And therefore, although revenge travel has been talked about much more, the time is nearing for revenge retail therapy. Already happened in China as people reclaimed their lives. I’ve been itching to visit a mall and indulge in some revenge spending myself.

As footfalls start to get back to the retail environment after over a year, it will be time for omni-channel brands to make merry. All those brands that have hunkered down, survived a killer year somehow and maintained their presence in customer minds, will see rapid growth over the next few months.

So if you have a product that flies off the shelves, time now will be exciting & rewarding. Especially true for affordable premium brands as disposable incomes of their TG haven’t wavered as much.

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